I’m pretty chuffed to have written for some of my favourite magazines and blogs. Here’s a selection of articles and other bits and pieces.

Clients and Content (June 2013)

My guest post for the GatherContent blog looks at the process of working with clients and their content. How can we get them to go ‘content first’?

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Design the Invisible to Tell Better Stories on the Web (Dec 2011)

After trying for three years, 2011 was the year when I finally became part of the advent calendar for geeks, 24 Ways. You can read my contribution on the 24 Ways site.

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Finding Your Tone of Voice (August 2012)

My first (and so far only) article for the excellent Smashing Magazine. What is tone of voice, why is it important and how can you find yours?

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Understanding Your Audience with Good Research

This article first appeared in issue 233 of .Net Magazine but now has a new home on the Creative Bloq website.

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Exclusive Summary: Robert Mills (June 2013)

This is a fun post where the Readmill team asked me to highlight five areas of my book and leave a little commentary as to what was interesting about these sections.

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Second Wednesday: Interview (Jan 2013)

Before I took to the stage at Second Wednesday in Nottingham, the guys held a little interview with me on Skype and then turned it into a lovely looking web page.

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Five Simple Questions with Robert Mills (July 2011)

When Designing the Invisible was released back in 2011, the team at my publishers sent me five questions to kick things off. Read the full interview over on their blog.

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How Colour Communicates Meaning (Sept 2009)

Colour is a powerful and important communication tool, and it is tied to religious, cultural, political and social influences. By stopping to consider what each colour represents and is linked to in the ‘real world’ we can make informed design decisions that ensure we appeal to our target audience. Without this consideration we run the risk of offending the very people were are designing for.

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Storytelling on the Web (Dec 2009)

We live in a world saturated with stories, then one day along came the web and suddenly anyone could design, write for and contribute to a mass of websites, and storytelling got lost in the mix.

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Inside the Story

My essay focused on using codes to give your stories hidden depths. It looked at narrative theory with Hitchcock’s Psycho at the heart of the analysis.

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