Robert Mills

I’m lucky that as well as exciting projects in my day job at Bluegg I also get to work on some pretty incredible things as a freelancer. This post is about one of those freelance projects.

My pals Keir and Elliot were kind enough to ask me to be part of Digest and next week we get to share it with everyone. I have worked with the guys on some other things relating to Insites the Book and 8 Faces Magazine and this new project was just as much fun.

Digest is a 40 page A3 magazine that offers a …

… seasonal dose of inspiration for the discerning traveller and a reminder that the world away from our computers is ripe for exploration.

I love the way the guys have described it, making the important point about getting away from all the screens. Elliot continues in his own blog post, ‘Digest is not about the web, or design, or technology, but its content exists very much in our spectrum. It’s a lifestyle magazine.’

Sounds good huh? It looks amazing too. Here are some sneak peaks:

Digest is the result of lots of hard work from a large group of writers, photographers, illustrators and editors. I was chuffed when I found out Taylor Brothers were printing it too as we use them for our print projects at Bluegg and they never fail to deliver the best quality work.

As for my own involvement, well I co-wrote an article with Keir, did some project management and also some editing. I love thumbing through magazines and have always wanted to be involved in one somehow. The small part I played here has definitely scratched that itch, although I now want to get involved with more print projects like this.

There’s not much else to say. I just really wanted to share Digest and I hope that if you do buy it you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed working on it.

The deets …

Digest goes on sale on Wednesday August 14th at 4pm BST. That’s only 7 sleeps away. It’s good value too, only £8 plus shipping. That’s 8 earth credits for a pretty special item as it’s a limited print run.

There are more photos on Elliot’s Dribbble and also a little video of Digest on press.

Fingers crossed for issue 2.