My New Blog

Robert Mills

If you’re reading this, then you are looking at my new site. I’m so excited to be able to share it with you and wanted to write a quick post to thank the man who made it happen, the very talented Chris Allwood.

I decided a few months back that I wanted a new site. There was nothing wrong with the old one as such, it did the job and was exactly what I wanted at the time it was designed and launched. That said, I found myself in a position where I was venturing into conference speaking, picking up a little bit more freelance work and wanted a site that reflected this shift. Something more professional.

I liked the old site, it was clean and focused on the content, nothing fancy but a great platform for me to share my thoughts. If you didn’t see it or forgot what it looked like, this was it:

Old Blog

I still wanted the focus to be on the content but I also wanted to introduce some imagery too. Once I set my mind on having a change, it wasn’t long before Chris was on board. We were keen to work with each other after becoming pals when I spoke at the event he organises in Nottingham, Second Wednesday. I’m lucky to work at Bluegg with talented designers and developers but Chris offered, I said yes, and I’m super pleased with the outcome.

I trusted Chris with the nitty gritty decisions, having seen some of his previous work. One thing that made the whole process easier was that I would email Chris with my thoughts and next thing I knew I was looking at it on my screen. I work with clients every day so being the client I wanted to give Chris as detailed a brief as I could and practice what I preach, giving him content first.

We’ve been squeezing this project in as and when we could and having spent the last week tweaking copy on the site I have finally decided that I could faff no more, so we put it live.

I have removed the ability for people to leave comments on blog posts, added more info about my speaking and book and had great fun choosing appropriate images too. As with any site, this is a work in progress and I already want to make some changes to the Book page but that’ll happen as and when. There were times when I was cloaked in doubt about this new approach, asking myself things like is a massive image of me on the homepage too self indulgent? But then I wanted to people to see me and learn a little about me, especially if they were considering working with me on a freelance project.

I’m very proud of the site and hope it encourages me to blog more. Chris was a dream to work with (check out his site or follow him on Twitter) and so this post as much a thank you to him as it is to let everyone know of the changes we made.