My Story of Inside the Story

Robert Mills

Inside the Story Magazine is ‘about designing and building better stories in a digital world.’ There have been four issues and the content so far has been intelligent, inspiring, helpful and presented in a beautiful way. You can find out more about why the magazine started and its purpose over on the Inside the Story site.

I had been following Adam Westbrook on Twitter for a while, interested in the content he shared on storytelling and as publisher of the magazine I knew he was going to produce something special. As soon as I read how he described the magazine I knew I wanted to be a part of it. He said:

Inside the Story Magazine gets its hands dirty looking at the architecture of story structure. It talks about things like plot, tempo, progression, and events.

After Issue 3 Adam put a request out for contributors for issue 4. I had just written a post on this blog about colour and storytelling in film and I had enjoyed writing about something non-web related so was keen to write another article about film. I pitched an idea to Adam and much to my surprise he was keen.

Shortly afterwards I submitted the first draft. After a small round of amends the article was signed off and Adam and his team created some infographics to go with it. It was such an easy process and left me with nothing more to do than wait for the magazine to be released.

It’s now published in the magazine.

It was a lot of fun to write about media codes again, taking me back 16 years when I first started media studies. Psycho is also my all time favourite film so to use that as a case study was interesting too. I did have to give myself a little refresher in some of the theories but thankfully the info was still there somewhere and was coaxed out after a little reading and research.

I’m really chuffed with how the final article looks and even more delighted to be included in a magazine which other writers and storytellers who are far better than I. In fact I must confess that I was a bit giddy when I realised the same issue featured an interview with Bobette Buster who is a screenwriter and story consultant working with the major studios in Hollywood.

I had just read Bobette’s book, Do Story,  the weekend before I found this out. Amazing.

Having read issue 4 from cover to cover it really is a treat, as are the previous issues. If you have an interest in storytelling, regardless of the medium, it’s definitely worth a look and it’s only £4, that’s cheaper than some fancy coffee these days.