New Adventures In Speaking

Robert Mills

This year I took a few tentative steps into the world of public speaking. I now have three talks under my belt, all at local events in South Wales and ranging from audiences of around 30 up to 170.

Outside the zone

It’s been scary but I thrived on being challenged and outside of my comfort zone, somewhere we all need to be from time to time. My motivation for trying my hand at public speaking has simply been to share my experiences, talk about topics that I love and maybe even inspire or help others along the way.

To date I have talked about:

  • Personality on the Web (a joint talk with Tom)
  • Content First FTW
  • The C Word

There has been another talk in my head for a while though, basically a verbal version of my book, Designing the Invisible. I once had a vision of taking to the stage at the New Adventures in Web Design conference to deliver this talk. That’s not going to happen seeing as the last conference is happening next month, but thanks to a few kind chaps, I will be able to give that talk at a New Adventures fringe event.

Second Wednesday

I, along with the very talented Rachel Shillcock, will be speaking at Second Wednesday in Nottingham on January 23rd, the night before New Adventures.

Second Wednesday is, in their own words:

A gathering of people from (or wanting to get into) the web and related creative industries. Originally founded nearly fourteen years ago for business directors to blow off steam, it’s grown into an event open to anyone in the industry and provided the networking platform for several up and comers in the Nottingham scene.

I’m super excited that Jamie and Christopher from Second Wednesday, along with Simon from New Adventures, allowed me to get involved. I’m also pleased to share the talk that’s been in my head for a year or so now with those that attend. It’s going to be an adventure in storytelling, looking at typefaces, colour, icons, branding and tone of voice, with both online and offline examples.

More steps to come?

I’m lucky that I have a few topics I like to write and talk about, all linked to my day job and past experiences. These are content, storytelling and audiences, connected in some manner and with plenty to say about each. So who knows, with my public speaking confidence slowly growing and thankfully with people who believe I have something worth saying, perhaps 2013 will be the year when I really put myself out there.

After all, nothing ventured.