Tone of Voice – Darkened Rooms

Robert Mills

Last week I came across another smashing example of a fun tone of voice and approach to getting people to turn their mobiles off. There’s a brilliant new concept here in Cardiff called Darkened Rooms. They screen great films in unusual places. They started with a screening of The Shining in a hotel and last week I attended a showing of Alien at a science discovery centre.

This is a concept free from film studio politics and restraints so they are able to create their own slides and have a little fun with it. Here’s the slide from the Alien screening:

They were also kind enough to send me the one from their special screening of The Shining, which I was unable to attend:

These slides are a nice touch because they relate to the film about to be shown. They beat those Orange adverts hands down.


As a side note, if you are in or around Cardiff then you can follow Darkened Rooms on Twitter or visit their website. The next screening is of Woody Allen classic, Manhattan.