Tone of Voice: Natural Trust

Robert Mills

I love a well written sign, especially when the tone is perfect for the brand/service. I have previously blogged about tone of voice at the Eden Project and Darkened Rooms but this new example from the Natural Trust is even better.

Taking the traditional warning signs of keep off the grass and the like, these signs at National Trust properties are fun, informal and a great way to make visitors think twice.

It’s also a genius marketing trick, whether it was meant to be or not, because these signs have been doing the social media rounds for a week or so now. Here are a few:

National Trust 1

National Trust

Warning-Signs-02-634x450 Warning-Signs-08-634x450

A great idea, brilliantly executed. The signs were created by design consultancy, The Click, and you can see more of them in their case study about the project.